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Get profits through an exclusive limited offer token: CLIMB.

Updated deflationary DeFi protocol, with the purpose of rewarding users with more dividends and a new financial structure to make the price increase.
Just hold.
First Exchange-Traded Token Fund (ETTF) and deflationary protocol.
We work on the highest performing platforms of DeFi, Yield Farms, Staking, Lending, Trading, Stock Market Tokens and Investments. With the optimal management of buybacks, burns and liquidity, and the objective that the price of CLIMB only increases with the best financial strategies with our deflationary protocol v2.

Welcome to




Before we climbed mountains, now we will climb to Mars.

New token of our ecosystem with an improved deflationary protocol.


new protocol

win or win

Sellers are penalized with
a 10% penalty fee

Holders win, they receive the penalty fee distribution directly to their wallet.



be in crypto

Give more utility to our tokens.

Dividends in BUSD and other tokens for our holders.

Automatic LP: All users and team contribute to the liquidity of the market.

Penalty fee for sellers and speculators.

NFT Market and IFO.

Lottery strategy burn.

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Rewards: The fees generated by our platform will be redistributed to the holders.

A new protocol, you will win by holding.
SafeMoon killer?



Dividends in BUSD, Rewards, Automatic LP, Penalty fee, BuyBacks and Burns.


CLIMB dividends every 15 days (BUSD)

Hold your CLIMB tokens in your preferred wallet and receive BUSD directly to your wallet.

Just hold and receive.

MARS dividends every 7 days

Hold your MARS tokens in your preferred wallet and receive tokens directly to your wallet.
Just hold and receive.

MNTN dividends every 7 days

Hold your MNTN tokens in your preferred wallet and receive tokens directly to your wallet.
Just hold and receive.

Incentive for users to join CLIMB and obtain more benefits apart from staking.

Dividends + Rewards + Staking

A dream come true

The token with real utility here. CLIMB


Three ways to earn using a single token




Dividends in BUSD and other tokens every 7 and 15 days directly to the wallet of our holders.


Distribution of 10% of the collected fees (penalty fee) directly to the holders' wallet.
For example, if 10,000.00 $ CLIMB or 10,000.00 $ MNTN or 10,000.00 $ MARS monthly fees are collected, half of these will be distributed to our holders, causing them to have more and more tokens, and therefore, more profits.
And the other half can be burned or added as liquidity in pancakeswap.


You can add your tokens in staking to get MARS, while receiving dividends and rewards.


To give the best performance to our users, we will distribute the fees and profits generated by our protocol and platform. In dividends, tokens, buybacks and token burnings.


Each sell transaction on our platform will be penalized with a 10% fee. This in order to encourage users to holding, avoid massive sales and speculators. Making the price of CLIMB increase. Also a 2% penalty fee for those who unstake within 3 days.


This fee will be distributed to those who still hold CLIMB, increasing their holdings. (Rewards).

Penalty fee

Penalty fee

5% redistributed to all existing holders.

5% (50/50) of which is sold by the contract into BNB and for BUSD dividends


buybacks and burns

An unmineable deflationary token, with fewer and fewer tokens in circulation. By increasing its demand and reducing the supply, the token will increase.

Sometimes burns matter; sometimes they don’t.  Having burns controlled by the team and promoted based on achievements helps to keep the community rewarded and informed. The burns and the amounts can be advertised and tracked.

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With the profits and fees obtained, CLIMB tokens will repurchased to decrease the amount in circulation of the DeFi exchanges, as well as the liquidity offer of CLIMB tokens, creating a positive impact on the price relative to the obtained profits. The repurchased tokens will be used for the burning of CLIMB tokens.

CLIMB TOKEN FINANCE aims to implement a burn strategy that is beneficial and rewarding for those engaged for the long term.

The buybacks along with the burns, cause a reduction of the tokens in circulation as well as the liquidity in the exchanges, increasing the price of the token immediately.


New goals, new strategies, your cryptoCLIMB.

See the old roadmap already completed.

Q1 2021 Creation of the project, token and initialization in social networks.

CLIMB and MNTN presale.

Launch website and Social Media


Presale of CLIMB and MNTN.

Q2 2021 Launch of CLIMB TOKEN FINANCE App v1.
The distribution of dividends, buyback and burning of tokens begins.

Enlistment in exchanges.

Start of marketing and new strategies.

Contract audit, CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko list.

Q3 2021 or before Launch of CLIMB TOKEN FINANCE App v2.
Beginning of the new strategies, NFT market, IFO and lottery.
Creation of our third token (MARS) and presale.
Start of marketing v2 and new strategies.
Takeoff to the moon begins..

Q4 2021 Launch of Vaults.




You will be able to receive dividends in BUSD while doing staking.


DIStribution (CLIMB)

40% = 250,000 presale

20% = 125,000 team administration

20% = 125,000 BUYBACKS & BURNS

20% = 125,000 first liquity on exchanges



When we burn tokens: By reducing the tokens in circulation, the price will rise immediately.

Weekly dividends in to the holders' wallet.(MNTN) (Passive income)

Biweekly dividends in BUSD to the holders' wallet (CLIMB). (Passive income)

We have a consolidated financial structure that will allow an efficient development of our project.

Farming: Place CLIMB tokens in farming to generate profits in the alternative token MNTN.

Staking: Place CLIMB tokens in staking to generate an extra profit in the alternative token MNTN.

Holding CLIMB: The profits of our financial gains will be reflected in the price of CLIMB.

Keep them in a wallet: CLIMB holders can get profits without the need to lock their funds. Rewards and Dividends

When we buy back tokens: By reducing the tokens in the liquidity pool in the exchanges, the price will rise immediately.

Staking a DEFLATIONARY token

that only goes up with buyback, burns, and strategies.

Weekly dividends in to the holders' wallet.(MARS) (Passive income)

Earn profits with CLIMB token without the need freeze tokens or store them in any special wallets. Just hold, works for everyone, always.


staking to increase your profits

Earn profits in MARS and MNTN by farming and staking with the best APY.

Staking with CLIMB and get extra profit through our alternative token: Mars (MARS) and Mountain (MNTN).
CLIMB is an unmineable token, therefore the profits will be generated in our alternative token: Mars (MARS)  and Mountain (MNTN).

We innovate the yield farm, you stake or farm a deflationary token and you get profits without high risks. 



Our team will be dedicated to financially managing the tokens, to guarantee the price INCREASE. 

Including, buybacks and burns.

Get financial returns, just by buying a token.

The professional team manages the TOKENS to generate profits, then make buybacks and burns, increasing the price of the token.


Exchange-Traded Token Fund (ETTF)

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We work on the best

stocks (tokens), cryptocurrencies, tokens and DeFi platforms.

Like a mutual fund, index or ETF.

(No alliances)

How does it work?

CLIMB is a token created with the purpose of innovating the decentralized finances, the main objective is to increase the capital of the holders. All this through a token: CLIMB (ETTF - Exchange Traded Token Fund)


These strategies will be applied in platforms with the highest performance of farming, staking, pools, DeFi Exchanges and as well as activities such as trading and professional investments, including the tokens of stock market.

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The CLIMB team, with the profits and fees obtained will be in charge of managing the burning of tokens, buybacks, and capital injection, which will keep the price rising constantly. Also deliver biweekly dividends to their holders in BUSD.


The returns will be reflected in the price of the token, CLIMB tokens will be purchased and will be used to burn them. Through this process an capital injection is received in the market, with the aim of increasing the price and the capital of the holders, since the supply and circulating supply are reduced, causing a positive impact on the price.


Get climb tokens 




get profits

the innovation of DEfi

CLIMB holders can get profits without the need to lock their funds.

Just by HOLDING CLIMB they will make profits.


If they want more profit, you can place their CLIMB tokens in staking or farming to generate profits in the alternative token MARS or MNTN.


CLIMB innovate the yield farms, together with MARS (MARS) and  Mountain (MNTN) a farmable token will be launched, protecting the price of CLIMB, which is a non-inflationary token.

This will be done with the general vision of maintaining the upward performance of CLIMB holders, who will also be able to participate in this farming.

With our DApp, you will be able to get more benefit from your CLIMBs, obtaining profits in our alternative token: MARS (MARS) or Mountain (MNTN) without affecting CLIMB.

This will make a difference in the world of decentralized finance, taking it to the next level. This Yield Farm, together with the alternative token: MARS (MARS) and  Mountain (MNTN), will receive due administration, protecting its price, which will also have burns, buybacks, time locks, and all the security that users require.