For users who cannot withdraw from version v1.

As mentioned in our whitepaper, MNTN mining would end when its MAX SUPPLY of 1,000,000.00 tokens will be reached.

Therefore, our version v1 is no longer useful and will not generate benefits or rewards in MNTN.

Please withdraw your staking and farming tokens before July 28, as it will be disabled on that day.

Your funds are safe in the v1 masterchef contract. You just have to withdraw them.


MNTN max supply has been reached. Please remove your tokens or LPs FROM V1 by following these steps Before July 28.

You can continue to do staking and farming in v2.

An good Airdrop will be sent on July 29 to all those who had pending rewards.

The v1 no longer gives rewards at this time for staking and farming at this time, since the MNTN max supply has been reached and no more will be issued.

Don't waste time and send your tokens to v2.